Maia Ahmad: Ratu is Amazing!
Maia Ahmad: Ratu is Amazing! The Journey is begin from Pingkan Mambo to Mulan Kwok. And now, is Ratu Still Exist. This is an Amazing Journey. Not else...
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Monday, June 11, 2007
It is Humor , not Rumor! Is Maia Lesbian?
There is still a lot of stigma attached to homosexuality in Indonesia, even in the bustling metropolis of Jakarta where attitudes are more progressive than in rural Indonesia.

So it was little surprise that Maia Ahmad Dhani has strongly denied rumors that she has been having a lesbian relationship with her female partner Mulan Kwok in the Indonesian pop duo Ratu.

Now she would say that, wouldn’t she?

But the way the two girls interact does suggest there is something between them; even if it isn’t conclusive evidence of bedroom activity.

Responding to the rumors, Maia was good-natured enough to laugh them off. In fact, Maia even joked about inviting her husband Ahmad Dhani, the leader of the hugely popular Indonesian band Dewa, to accompany them in a threesome romp.

And judging by the picture below, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took up her offer...

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Personnel of DEWA 19


DEWA 19 standing in the year 1987, at the time still so called DEWA only. Taken away from initial name of the player: Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo, Erwin Prasetya, Wawan Abi and Andra Ramadhan which that moment is student SMPN 6 Surabaya. Four nuts about conjugates with this music also mutuallies agree to sticks jazz as their music line. But in the same years of Wawan leaves third of his friends with reason of fairly not likes jazz, DEWA must excise still and finally finds substitution Wawan.

After finish from SMAN 2 Surabaya, Dhani becoming the prestigious school student still joint forces with DEWA, even often DEWA which at that moment change name DOWN BEAT represents name of SMAN 2 band for band festivals and becoming the champion. DEWA 19 formed by intact at the time of DOWN BEAT invites Wawan and Ari Lasso which of course student SMAN 2 to fill event of parting in the year 1991. The embedded 19 in taking away from average of their age that moment and likely there are conformity between them.

After ending SMA with the entry of Ari Bernadus Lasso ( vocalist), DEWA starts thought of step hereinafter, be record kitchen. Meagrely capital financial and big intention, DEWA intends record kitchen admission in Jakarta. Fortunately, there is one of friend in SMA ready to assist DEWA for finance problem, so that accessible DEWA of record kitchen.

After a few months, finally the recording process ready to completed, but arises new problem that is looking for the record company who willing to accommodate and circularizes the songs of DEWA. After passing a period of which is difficult finally DEWA gets record company which will become distributor. That moment emerges name of DEWA 19 which in taking away from name of personnels DEWA and numeral 19 in taking away from average of personnel age DEWA that moment 19 years.

In 1994, DEWA 19 releasing second album and at that moment, the position of Wawan Abi as drummer in replacing by Ronal from GIGI and Rere. In the year 1995 DEWA 19 at the time of releasing album third emerges Wong Aksan which for DEWA it’self that compatible Wong Aksan in their band. Then Dhani offers Wong Aksan as drummer in DEWA 19 is being zero. In the year 2000 at the time of album " Pandawa Lima" formation DEWA 19 returns to changing that is with replacement of vokalis from Ari Lasso in changing with Elfonda ( ONCE) and drummer from Wong Aksan in replacing with Tyo Nugros.

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Acurate today, 28 Mays 2007, having age even Ahmad Dhani 35 years. No special gift from the wife, Maia Estianty, Dhani also has not will comment the wife’s problem.

Dhani confess getting felicitation of anniversary via SMS, but for Dhani that thing hardly not special. Impressing in his anniversary now instead present given by SOUND ENGINEERING.

"Yes SMS earns, but just not from Maia. Others also many.", says Dhani when met in his new cafe, JK7 THE ROCK, Hotel Grand Flora, Jl. Kemang No7, Jakarta Selatan. Event of anniversary also grand opening this new cafe also is attended is third child of Dhani. Only Maia which unseen. According To Dhani, His wife has been Shooting.

About his wife, Maia, who trying to refer the problem of household, Dhani has not comment will. He only answer to some questions of correspondents in around Maia by smiling or laugh.

"This time has thanked goodness, I experience coexisting is third child of perfect me. It is picturesqueness watch them flow is that is most beautiful grant from above." explicitly Dhani stable isotope.

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